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12 Weeks to recover from  Emotional and Compulsive Eating...

Health Professionals who work with women with eating disorders and/or emotional eating and are looking for a program of recovery- I am now sharing my work!

I have been using this 12 Week Program with great success the past several years and have now published this program. I am training others who wold like to learn the cognitive behavioural approach to ending the emotional component associated with problematic eaters.

This is not a "psychology or self help program- NOT AT ALL...this is a done for you 12 Week Program that gives you ALL THE TOOLS to facilitate a transformationin yoru cleints thinking so that they can heal the problemtic eating issues.

When your clients have all the information and know WHAT to do but not HOW to do it, you need to work on an internal level to shift their black and white thinking so they are able to CHOOSE health.

This program will teach you the 12 components to Healing Compulsive/ Emotional Overeating.It is designed step by step- and it works! The cognitive work must be taught 1:1 which is why I suggest working with me in this program to really understand how to facilitate it in a way that works.

TWO Program Options!

1.  The Select Program includes:

-Six 1:1 recorded training calls 

-12 Modules to use with clients

-TWO 1:1 Phone Sessions with me ( Cognitive Process Taught in depth) 

-A copy of my Book " Food Freedom 

AND....Email support during the course of the Six week program.

COST : $365 American
START DATE: March 29, 2015.

For this Program click on the link below!

2.  The Standard Program: (no one to one calls included)

Six 1:1 recorded training calls 
-12 Modules to use with clients
-A copy of my Book " Food Freedom

AND....Email support during the course of the Six week program.

COST : $195 American
START DATE: March 29, 2015.

* For this program you must contact me directly to pay!


Contact me ASAP to register and sign up for your 1:1 sessions! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at all!: shelley@emergingjewel.com


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Food Freedom, A 12 Week Program contains everything you could want to know about Freedom from Compuslive and Emotional Eating- for GOOD.

 Health Coaches, Natropaths, Yoga Instructors, Nutritionists, Dieticians, TCM's, Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors, Counselling Educators, ...or any other health professionals working in this field!


I was at a dead end with my ability to serve my clients with deep disordered eating struggles, and I reached out to Shelley for help. I joined her Cognitive Coaching Program because I knew there was something I was missing that would serve my clients. My intuition led me to the right place, but it wasn't until working with Shelley that I really developed a new level of insight and confidence in working in the area of disordered eating. Many of my clients sail through without this need, but for the ones who are more stuck, even when they know what to do and why, now I have the ability to help them find freedom for good. I'm already seeing great results with my clients, and feel the potential throughout my business will only grow. Shelley was incredibly generous, supportive, clear and skilled in delivering this new content to me. She clearly believes in what she's doing, and wants to serve as many people as she can. That's the most authentic business I can imagine, and I'm thrilled I found her.  Diane Pagnucco

I joined Shelley's Cognitive Coaching Program to learn how to better assist clients suffering from compulsive and emotional eating. I knew that as a health coach with a focus on weight loss, this is something I would always run into and wanted to learn how to give more permanent, long term solutions to those suffering. Shelley's program made a profound influence on my practice and I am already integrating what I learned with clients and am seeing immediate results! She really gets to the bottom of what is going on for people and teaches a coach how to use these cognitive strategies effectively with clients. 
My practice has blossomed since I took this course and I feel it was the best decision I have made in terms of bringing my business to the next level. Shelley is very skilled at this process and in teaching it. She walked me through step by step and was there to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend this course! 
- Gina Ledwith, Health Coach

My practice focuses on clients who are seeking to learn strategies to manage their stress as well as those who struggle with disordered eating.  I was looking for a cohesive program to help my clients find permanent relief from their long term struggles with food.  As soon as I talked with Shelley, I knew that her Cognitive Coaching Program was going to not only help my clients but myself as well.  Shelley excels at listening and modeling how to use cognitive strategies effectively with clients.  My practice has become more focused since taking this course and I feel it was an excellent investment!  Shelley provided excellent guidance and was always available to clarify any questions.  I highly recommend this course!  Barbara Reid, Health Coach

Shelley started coaching me in August 2014 for an eating disorder. From the start of our interactions, she was calming & reassuring. She helped me commit to her Problematic Eating Program and it was the best decision I have made for myself. She coached me through my struggles and each week, provided modules to work through and taught us tools to use for our recovery. I learned about self-care and honouring my inner self to create a strong, vibrant relationship with myself. I understand the root causes of my old disorder and am able to recognize patterns and prevent relapses. Shelley was always timely, organized and patient with us and really created a little network and safety net for us to open up and start the healing process. I have learned so much from Shelley and couldn't have made it to where I am (binge-free!!!) without her. I am so thankful for her program and for the confidence it has given me to let go of all the things that no longer serve me in my life. I wish her all the best and hope she continues saving other people's lives by empowering them to break free of their eating disorders!! - Emilie



A Look At The Program...

12 Week Outline:

Week 1- Community
-Food Diary
- Connection and Commitments
- Costs/ Benefits

Week 2- Restriction and Healing
- Food Diary
-Throw Away the Scale
- Inner Perfectionist

Week 3- Food Plan
-What's the Payoff/ Benefit ( What's the Reality)
-Relaxation Response

Week 4- Spiritual Dilemma
- Change Your Thinking to connect with your deepest self- and improve relationships in all areas of life
- A Spiritual Solution

Week 5- Undernourished Body 
- Crowding Out
-Cravings and Deficiency
- How to "Nourish" and Replenish

Week 6- Mindfulness and Food
- Stress Management techniques
- Yoga as a healing modality
-Breath and Connection

Week 7- Stress and Recovery
- Why You Do It

- Evaluate Your " Should's"
- Black and White Thinking
- Self or Other Blame

Week 8- Triggers and Food
- A Deeper Look
-What DRIVES it
- What are you HUNGRY for ?

- Visualization and Cognitive Process

Week 9- Boundaries, Co-dependence and Food
- Are you a " Caretaker" ?
-Do you " Self Sacrifice" ?
- People Pleasing

Week 10- Self Esteem and Your Thoughts
- What "story" is keeping you stuck
- Selfish versus Self Serving
- CONTROL and Disordered Eating

Week 11- Guilt, Shame and Your Thoughts
-Updating old thinking files
- Guilt and Recovery
-Being okay with " Emptiness"

Week 12- Relapse Prevention
- Long Term Stress Management
- MASTER the anxiety and stress that lead to disordered eating..not just COPING !



Regardless of what your area of specialty, you are going to be dealing with emotional eating at some level. Your clients do not have to have an eating disorder to benefit from this course. 89% of people KNOW what to eat...so why arnt they doing it? All of the tools and guidance you need to shift this block for your clients is here!

A Word From The Author

It is a privaledge and a joy to finally be sharing this work. I know its works because I did it myself and have taken hundreds of women through the same process. You can now too!